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Each submission must be accompanied by a submission fee paid in full and a working screener in order to be considered. Once we have all necessary materials, the submission will be marked “In Consideration”. It is the submitter’s responsibility to make sure that all submission requirements are met. If your submission is marked “Incomplete” and you’re unsure why, please email

Press kits and cover letters are not required but are appreciated. If you wish to submit either, please attach it to your submission. DO NOT send hard copies to our office; they will be recycled.

Any submissions that are incomplete by our final deadline will be disqualified without refund of submission fees. Reasons a submission will be considered incomplete include (but are not limited to) the following: 

Screener is missing

Screener has been deleted or password has been changed

Screener is missing subtitles (if in a foreign language), audio, image, or any feature that prevents us from properly judging it


All projects must be submitted via secure online screener - it has to be uploaded directly to FilmFreeway. Online screeners must be available to stream; we do not accept any films that must be downloaded (ex: Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.).

We DO NOT accept DVD or Blu-Ray screeners. In addition, we cannot accept screener links via email, they MUST be attached to your submission.

The submitter is responsible for ensuring that their screener link and password are active throughout the entire submissions cycle (at least to October 1st, 2021). In the event of a password or URL change after submitting, email us immediately. If we discover an error with the screener before our final deadline, we will attempt to email the submitter for an update. Failure to respond by the final submission deadline (September 30th, 2021) will result in disqualification without refund of submission fees. If we discover that a screener is incomplete after our final deadline, it may be directly disqualified without refund of submission fees.

Please take note that as of right now we are not accepting any Virtual Reality Films.


All foreign-language films must be submitted with English subtitles. If we discover a foreign-language submission is missing subtitles, we will attempt to email the submitter for an update. If the submitter fails to provide working subtitles by the final submission deadline, the project will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified without refund of submission fees.

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